Saturday, 3 March 2018

Kids Quinzee

Storm Emma has been a good oportunity to teach my children some Winter survival techniques.

A quinzee is a snow shelter that can be built in snow that can't be cut into the blocks that you'd need for an igloo. To make one large enough for adults takes hours of work, you need to build a large mound of snow, to fit two adults it will need to be ablut seven feet high, and then poke sticks into it to an equal depth of between one and two feet. Once it is built and the snow has hardened a bit you can begin to hollow it out. Rather than scooping the snow out right to the ground leave two platforms, one on either side, to sleep on and a trench in the middle that will act as a cold sink. The sticks you stuck in earlier act as depth guages now as you will reach the tips of them as you hollow your quinzee and know that it's time to stop when you find them leaving walls up to two feet thick. 

The door should be quite small, just large enough for you to enter on all fours. Remember to keep a shovel inside incase you have to dig out after a storm or colapse.

While that might be the method for building a proper quinzee making a mini one with the children was less hard work and was great fun.

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