Friday, 13 October 2017

Reverse wrap cord

Producing useful cord from natural material is an important bushcraft skill and one of the best raw materials you can hope to work with is lime bast. Prepared from the inner bark of the lime tree through a process called retting (partial fermentation in water) the fibres produced are long, strong and flexible. I prepare a batch most Summers as outside of the spring and summer months it impossible to collect in the desired quantities as the bark can't be easily separated from the tree. 

Bast after processing and drying. 
A small coil of finished lime bard cord made using the reverse wrap method. 
To make reverse wrap cord take a bundle of fibres. 
Find the centre of the bundle and twist until a kink forms. 
Now twisting one half of the bundle before wrapping the other over it creates this tightly coiled cord which looks fairly similar to cord you might buy at B&Q. For more information on how to make this check out the Bushcraft Education Blogs Bushcraft Basics pages.  

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