Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Making char cloth

One of the simplest but most useful skills of bushcraft. Char cloth makes the most of the effort to make a fire by preparing tinder for many more after it. Take the cloth you want to char, it must be 100% natural material; cotton, linen, silk etc... Polyester will melt. Place it in a foreproof container, in this case a baby milk can (I have charred matterial in other more primitive containers such as large shells as well). Make sure you can tightly close the lid to stop air getting in. As you restrict the air that can get to the cloth it will become charred rather than burned. Place your container in the fire, this was quite a large batch so it was in the fire for about fifteen minutes. Once its off the fire allow it to cool, if you take the lid off too soon it will burst into flames and be ruined. Once its cool though it can be broken up and used for flint and steel fire lighting.

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