Sunday, 17 September 2017

Green Woodwork Homework

My oldest son has been given some homework to study Victorian toys and has had to make a peg dolly. So we started by making some pegs. 
He helped make these simple pegs. They are made out of a hazel rod each one has a small brass nail driven through the portion which still has the bark on. This was Michael's job, this nail stops the peg splitting along it's whole length. Michael also helped peel the bark off the pegs.

Once the pegs were nailed and peeled they were split, the split runs at 90 degrees to the direction the nail is driven so that the pegs don't split the whole way. The bottom of each 'prong' of the pegs is tapered slightly so they can fit easily over a washing line or in the case of Michaels homework so that the trousers of his peg doll fit on the pegs 'legs'.

The pegs work niceley.
The next job will be to make the clothes for his doll and making the pegs was a fun little green woodwork project. 

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