Sunday, 7 May 2017

Forget piute deadfalls a rifle will get you some dinner

Although as modern 'bushcrafters' we idolise the old mountain men, Native Americans, Aboriginal cultures and any other group who lived or live using primitive skills we often forget that although their equipment and methods are primitive by todays standards they were using the most technologicaly advanced methods available to them at the time. And we shouldnt feel guilty about doing the same. 

Sometimes primitive methods are even illegal due to modern hunting and animal welfare legislation.  

.17 HMR is a modern rim fire round perfectly suited to shooting rabbits and other small game and vermin.

A bolt and full magazine are a lighter load than balls and/or shot, powder flasks, wads and spare flints that the mountain men would have carried in addition to their rifles.

The results of the harves, a couple of three quaters grown rabbits and some veg made a delicious stir fry.


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