Friday, 10 March 2017

Pine knots

The top of a scotts pine tree blown off in the recent high winds has provided a gold mine of fire lighting material. 

Bushcrafters treasure 'fat wood' like gold; fat wood is the resin saturated wood of pine trees which is often used to light fires and which burns easily and long. The butt of dead pines is the best place to find this in great quantities but the knots of pines is another good place to look for just enough of it for your fire. 

Where the smaller branches join the trunk the resin will collect and these can be broken off to use on your fire. Not only are they great to get a fire going but they throw out a lot of light when they burn and can provide short term illumination for your camp site. 

You can see the resin clearly in the picture on the right, These knots will be a great start to my dinner fire. 

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