Friday, 23 December 2016

I can't believe people pay for this stuff

I'm not talking about tacky Christmas presents but fat wood, that wonderful fire lighting resource that so many bushcrafters covet. I have a large stash that i collected abfew years ago when a long dead scotts pine blew over in a storm. The roots and lower portions of dead pines and other resinous trees are a great source of fat wood as under the effects of gravity the resin collects at the bottom of the tree. When it was blown over it was easy enough to break chunks off with my hands until i had several kilos of it. Now I can take a stick or three every now and again so that if I need to get the fire goibg quickly or in poor conditions I have the best tinder and kindling there is. I just cant believe people would buy it, just open your eyes and learn where to look.

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