Monday, 10 October 2016

Daily Bushcraft Updates

Following the success of my new ForagersDiary blog I'm now starting this new GeoffBushcrafts blog on the same basis, that I will post regular updates (daily when I can) on the bushcraft skills I have been practising or using that day. 

It may not seem that someone could use bushcraft skills everyday but I am lucky enough to spend most of my time working out of doors, sometimes living out of doors for extended periods, managing woodlands, teaching bushcraft, training game keepers and deer stalkers and generally living as much of my life outdoors as possible. 

Bushcraft skills can quite often be applied (follow this link to go to the applied bushcraft series on the Bushcraft Education blog)  to tasks I find myself involved in, such as;

Cleaning and preparing skins 


Woodland management and green woodwork


Knife and tool skills

So you can expect to see regular posts on any and all of these topics, and loads more too; the only Bushcraft skill you wont see much of here is wild food and foraging, for that you'll have to check out my foragers diary blog. 

I hope you enjoy it


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